Venice Queenie.

I traveled to Venice Beach, California, USA in 2009.
I spent only 2 days there as I was in transit back home to Australia after I had everything I owned including my car stolen from me in South Beach, Miami.

These following pictures are just a few from a disposable camera that I purchased from a grocery store with minimal funds I was lent from a friend.
The Catwoman Sunglasses the people are wearing I found near a dumpster in Miami just before I caught my flight to L.A.
Somehow in a demolished state of mind I decided to put the only two things I had together (1.disposable camera 2.catwoman sunglasses) and shoot a little project.
Above each pic is a description of who it is / how I got the shot.

BELOW: L-R Jake Doyle, Alejandro, Myself, Tayo, Rhyss

BELOW: I got this shot of Tayo just after we both started hallucinating on the acid that we bought on Venice Beach for $6.

BELOW: This guy was homeless and scary as hell. He made me promise to give him the glasses to keep if I took a pic. Of Course I wasn’t going to give them to him. Jake (first picture pink shirt) and I wrestled him to the ground and got them back off him. He started saying some heavy shit like he was going to bring a whole army of underground homeless to find me and kill me. Which would probably be all fine if I wasn’t starting to feel the acid HARD. I got the hell outta there.

BELOW: This lady was high-as-a-kite on crack in the middle of a busy street just off the beach trying to swat cars down with her tennis racquet. You can see it tucked under her arm. As I crossed the street she asked me for a light so I gave her one. While she lit up her cigarette I lay down on the road and snapped this shot of her. After I left she continued to swat at passing cars.

BELOW: This madman was in charge of the hostel that I stayed at. I sat down with him after the sun came up in the stairwell listening to stories about his 25 years in Venice Beach. I was also thankful that he didn’t call the cops on us after Jake (first pic pink shirt) actually threw a man down 15 stairs for trying to steal his gear from his room.


2 responses

  1. This is great! LA leaves much to be desired but I adore Venice, it’s got so much character. And I love disposable cameras. I usually buy a few each summer to snap pictures at parties/the beach/wherever. By the end of the summer when I get them developed, they’ve filled up with sand and been roasted in my car–the images are perfectly discolored and distorted, so much fun.

    January 15, 2012 at 8:17 am

    • got a link to where all these venice beach pics are that you’re talking about ? im super keen to see them!

      January 18, 2012 at 1:05 pm

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