Holly Ryan.

Holly Ryan designs + hand makes epic Mens & Womens jewellery out of her studio in West End, Brisbane AUS.
check her page + decide what style her work is + order some amazing jewellery HERE.
Have a look and like her Facebook page HERE.
I will be collaborating with her soon, shooting her new collection in March. (I’m fucking excited!)

She recently invited me to her studio to chill n have a chat. she let me smoke cigarettes inside.
So I went and visited her the next day while she was making some earrings and took some photos.

You wouldn’t even believe how intricate and fine the little studs are…
each one is individually cut, filed, sanded, soldered, acid bathed,
H2O bathed, dried and then polished… all by hand.

camera = canon 5d mark ii.

Holly Ryan in studio 0Holly Ryan in studio 2Holly Ryan in studio 3Holly Ryan in studio 6Holly Ryan in studio 7Holly Ryan in studio 5Holly Ryan in studio 1Holly Ryan in studio 8Holly Ryan in studio 9


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