I recently helped to shoot a clip for Hiatus Kaiyote, a neo soul future beats band from Melbourne Australia.
We shot it while traveling from Adelaide to Alice Springs (the quintessential ‘outback’).

Orion from The Native Press lent me his Mamiya rb67 medium format monster and I snapped
some pics in between video shooting sessions. Shooting 6×7 negatives is addictive.
once you go to that quality shooting 35mm is almost annoying.
(and here i am, the medium format converted show pony blabbing away!)

I’ll totally post the finished clip on here when it’s done.
I’ll also sort through the digital pics I took and post some of those
(hopefully before the years out)

Film = Kodak Portra 160.
Camera = Mamiya rb67

Nai & Jay J
Nai Palm
Nai Palm
Nai Palm
Jay J




I’ve been floating around big-time this last month. I headed over to the USA with the Emma Louise crew to play drums
on her SXSW / L.A. tour. What an incredible journey that was … took me about 2 weeks to come down from that!
I worked with the amazing Holly Ryan again, this time to shoot her Zephyr Campaign. That was incredible. (photos coming soon)
I also got to shoot stills on set for a 3D short film colaboration between Holly Ryan and the INCREDIBLE director Stephen Lance.
I’ll post a heap more pictures from those shoots soon, but for now here’s a bunch of
photos from 2 rolls of film I had developed the other day.

Personal favourite is the stock standard Los Angeles CA. palm tree shot,
cause just when I was about to take it an LAPD chopper flew into the frame!

They’re all shot on a Nikon FM2.
Pics 1-4 are Kodak Portra VC.
Pics 5-8 are expired Agfa color.


Holly Ryan.

Holly Ryan designs + hand makes epic Mens & Womens jewellery out of her studio in West End, Brisbane AUS.
check her page + decide what style her work is + order some amazing jewellery HERE.
Have a look and like her Facebook page HERE.
I will be collaborating with her soon, shooting her new collection in March. (I’m fucking excited!)

She recently invited me to her studio to chill n have a chat. she let me smoke cigarettes inside.
So I went and visited her the next day while she was making some earrings and took some photos.

You wouldn’t even believe how intricate and fine the little studs are…
each one is individually cut, filed, sanded, soldered, acid bathed,
H2O bathed, dried and then polished… all by hand.

camera = canon 5d mark ii.

Holly Ryan in studio 0Holly Ryan in studio 2Holly Ryan in studio 3Holly Ryan in studio 6Holly Ryan in studio 7Holly Ryan in studio 5Holly Ryan in studio 1Holly Ryan in studio 8Holly Ryan in studio 9

Marilyn Mansion.

Marilyn Mansion is an artists abode located on Francis st. in the suburb of Yarraville, Melbourne VIC Australia.
It has a core group of occupants mainly comprising of musicians hailing from the coastal tropical town of Cairns, QLD Australia, who were drawn to Melbourne after finishing high school due to lack of opportunities in Cairns.

The lease on the house was signed in June 2010, after Jake Doyle (the assumed master of the house) had informed the real estate in a foreword attached to the application that his family had great history in the area. He informed them that his grandfather was born on the same street and it would mean a great deal to the Doyle family if his application was approved. This entire foreword was in actual fact a complete lie, and a clever ploy by Doyle to assist with his application being approved. His application was again helped by the fact that he had it professionally bound at an up-market stationary store.
The application was approved the same afternoon it was handed in.

The house has a tumblr page with several pictures of the layout HERE. It may give you a better idea of how grand the house really is.

Drunk Mums, a grimy garage rock band often practice there, as Jake Doyle, Isaac Forsyth and Jonny Badlove are all members living in the house.

House parties at Marilyn Mansion tend to get explosive at times, and have been known to extend for several days. This is due to the benderish nature of the majority of the occupants. In winter the pool is heated to extremely hot levels and 20+ people can be found in it, drinking alcohol and smoking self-rolled cigarettes. Sometimes the parties have bands playing inside around the kitchen/designated playstation 3 area.

Below are a selection of photographs of the house and occupants that I took in the first week of 2012.
I used a Nikon FM2 camera, and a roll of 35mm Kodak Professional Plus-X 125 Pan Film, which was expired, and is actually discontinued. It was given to me by another photographer once at an emma louise gig.

If you have any questions about this house or its occupants, please ask instantly.






Mzungu Bambaataa.

I’m entering some printed images into an exhibition for the first time ever.

This Friday & Saturday at the Ice Cream Factory in West End, Brisbane.

There will be some shots from an earlier post Ill Manor featured, as well as images from Eastern and Southern Africa entitled Mzungu Bambaataa.

You can see a large nugget of the pictures I took in africa HERE on a tumblr I made to host them.

It was incredibly hard narrowing it down to just a few images…what are your thoughts on the ones I selected?

Mother / Daughter.

Christmas Day 2011.

Mother Kate Reardon-Smith.

Daughter Mardi Reardon-Smith.
Aggie the Cat & New Young Bull.

Film = Illford Delta 3200

Camera = Nikon FM2