Sleepy Tea – The Place Where We Lay

Sooo ridiculously happy with how my double exposure photograph turned out on the cover of Sleepy Tea‘s new EP ‘The Place Where We Lay’.

So happy / proud to have been a part of such an awesome musician’s journey.

Check it out and listen to it HERE – it sounds fukn awesome.

Sleepy Tea - The Place Where We Lay


Hiatus Kaiyote.

Last month I traveled across 2 deserts in central Australia co-producing & shooting
my first ever film clip for the song ‘Nakamarra’ by Hiatus Kaiyote.

The band, Si (fellow producer, band manager) and I all travelled together swimming in
oasis waterholes, writing off a hire van, camping under thousands of stars, eating camel burgers.
One of the raddest trips I’ve ever done for sure.

It just premiered on Tone Deaf this morning.

Let me know what y’all think. I’d love to hear some feedback.

Tin Can Radio.

I recently did a photoshoot for Tin Can Radio, a band from Brisbane Australia.
The whole vibe that they give off really reminds me of bands from the late eighties and early nineties – just that raw ‘here we are’ group of boys doin their thing, testosterone in the air which is a good thing! (so many fucking bands are so soft n safe these days walking around in boat shoes looking like they just got off the set of the OC). I tried to capture a bit of that loose poppin’ attitude with 2 main ideas.

1. Setup mobile studio paper wall w/ lights & pull the camera back to include everything in the shot.
2. Create a juxtaposition by smashing old televisions w/ sledgehammers on a cool fresh afternoon somewhere relaxing.

what do you think?



Archer is an INCREDIBLE musician/story teller living in rural Victoria, Australia.

I’m not going to waste my time explaining his style of music.
Hear & Watch him HERE instead. (sorry about shitty footage, it’s all there is online)

I took these shots when I went to his property in the bush with Si Jay Gould (his manager) to do some interviews.

It was like out of a movie, his log cabin nestled in the bush. Several old beat up cars sitting nearby.
Character oozing out of every crack I looked at in the walls.

+Si Jay Gould also directs amazing music video clips such as Laneous & The Family Yah – Oh She+

film = tmax 400
camera= nikon fm2

Wailin’ Kunzie.

Anyone who’s been to the corner of Albert+Elizabeth streets in Brisbane AUS knows this guy.

He can be found there daily kill-in-it on his acoustic, plugged into a small shotty old amp.

He plays wailing old blues and barely ever sings.

I always make sure I give him money even if he’s not playing cause I know that when he does it will blow my mind.

Film = Tmax 400
Camera = Nikon FM2

Li Li Kite.

I took this picture of Li Li Kite (aka Jocelyn Farebrother, who is an amazing music artist – listen to her here) at Island Vibe festival 2011.

She had been on an epic journey following bush trails along North Stradbroke Island‘s white sandy beaches & watching stingrays, turtles and mantarays in the ocean.

Shot with Provia 100F film, on a Nikon FM2 camera.

Falls 2.0.

Here are a few more shots from Falls Festival.

I took these after we (emma louise) had played our set at 1.50pm and went wondering around.

First portrait is of 360‘s manager Rae Harvey. She was quite nice in person.

The Totem Tennis was for crew/artists to play backstage.

They are all Velvia 100 film, taken on a Nikon FM2 Camera.

Mystery Charlie.

I’ve been scanning 35mm film for 2 days straight with my girlfriend Susie.
All up I scanned 12 rolls!
+there will be a lot of new posts coming soon+

Charlie Mayfair are a 6-piece band from Brisbane Australia who play a melodic and percussive style of folk-fired honest pop and would very much like to share it with you.
Head HERE to their website and download their latest single ‘Tell Her’ for free.

Here are some pics of them taken by Susie on the Mystery Bus at Woodford Folk Festival 11-12


Falls Festival was insane.
First we (emma louise) played in Marion Bay a great little town east of Hobart. The air was hot and salty.
(first two photos taken of us by Tom Wearne)

Grabbed some mad food, NY style King Island steak burger and took off to Melbourne.
I’ve developed a fresh way of touring as a drummer, and that’s to call ahead to the venue/other bands and organise all the drum gear to be at the venue I’m playing. so I was carrying only a snare and drumsticks this time.

Arriving in Lorne was FRESH, up in the mountains the air was cold and dewy. I shot a roll of Velvia100 35mm film on new years eve, mainly of all the freaks that were kickin it which will be developed in the next week.

The single artist/band that boiled my noggin most was Kimbra. The whole lot of them playing on stage with her were fuckin nuts.

The last image is of Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner counting down to the new year. I took it on my phone, so please excuse its shitiness.

Ill Manor

Ill Manor was for a long time a local and international artist’s abode in the suburb of West End, Brisbane QLD Australia.
It had numerous occupants in it’s years as a launch pad for the musical, painting and circus underground.
Many parties and gigs were had. Notably the gig upstairs in the main room Involving Kafka, a super dirty lo-fi afro-beat collective. (first image)
Laneous & The Family Yah shot part of their timeless film clip for ‘Oh She’ there.
Watch it (I recommend in HD) here: Laneous & The Family Yah – Oh She

In June 2011 it was sold to a new owner who had no sense of what it was and he gave notice to leave for all inhabitants.
Certain relics have been obtained by some of the artists and still exist, such as the painted front door, and the original land deed to the property.

I went in during the very last week of it’s existence and took some B&W photos using TMAX100 35mm film and a Pentax K1000 camera.