Hiatus Kaiyote.

Last month I traveled across 2 deserts in central Australia co-producing & shooting
my first ever film clip for the song ‘Nakamarra’ by Hiatus Kaiyote.

The band, Si (fellow producer, band manager) and I all travelled together swimming in
oasis waterholes, writing off a hire van, camping under thousands of stars, eating camel burgers.
One of the raddest trips I’ve ever done for sure.

It just premiered on Tone Deaf this morning.

Let me know what y’all think. I’d love to hear some feedback.



I recently helped to shoot a clip for Hiatus Kaiyote, a neo soul future beats band from Melbourne Australia.
We shot it while traveling from Adelaide to Alice Springs (the quintessential ‘outback’).

Orion from The Native Press lent me his Mamiya rb67 medium format monster and I snapped
some pics in between video shooting sessions. Shooting 6×7 negatives is addictive.
once you go to that quality shooting 35mm is almost annoying.
(and here i am, the medium format converted show pony blabbing away!)

I’ll totally post the finished clip on here when it’s done.
I’ll also sort through the digital pics I took and post some of those
(hopefully before the years out)

Film = Kodak Portra 160.
Camera = Mamiya rb67

Nai & Jay J
Nai Palm
Nai Palm
Nai Palm
Jay J

Mzungu Bambaataa.

I’m entering some printed images into an exhibition for the first time ever.

This Friday & Saturday at the Ice Cream Factory in West End, Brisbane.

There will be some shots from an earlier post Ill Manor featured, as well as images from Eastern and Southern Africa entitled Mzungu Bambaataa.

You can see a large nugget of the pictures I took in africa HERE on a tumblr I made to host them.

It was incredibly hard narrowing it down to just a few images…what are your thoughts on the ones I selected?


Taken in Hobart, AUS just before Falls Festival 2011.
The city turned on crazy perfect weather.
Some were taken at Mona,
the amazing Art Gallery.

film = Ektachrome
camera = Nikon FM2

Cab Merlot.

On a trip to Adelaide, S.A. to play at Gorgeous Festival with emma louise, I shot a roll of fuji film up in the hills around all the vineyards.

When I got it back all the shots had weird double exposures on them and I couldn’t figure out why. The previous exposures were of some friends of mine in a house they had lived in about 3 years ago!

It took me 2 days before I figured out that the film was given to me with an old camera from a friend. I must have accidentally mixed it up with the unused  films.

All of the shots were ruined except this one.

Venice Queenie.

I traveled to Venice Beach, California, USA in 2009.
I spent only 2 days there as I was in transit back home to Australia after I had everything I owned including my car stolen from me in South Beach, Miami.

These following pictures are just a few from a disposable camera that I purchased from a grocery store with minimal funds I was lent from a friend.
The Catwoman Sunglasses the people are wearing I found near a dumpster in Miami just before I caught my flight to L.A.
Somehow in a demolished state of mind I decided to put the only two things I had together (1.disposable camera 2.catwoman sunglasses) and shoot a little project.
Above each pic is a description of who it is / how I got the shot.

BELOW: L-R Jake Doyle, Alejandro, Myself, Tayo, Rhyss

BELOW: I got this shot of Tayo just after we both started hallucinating on the acid that we bought on Venice Beach for $6.

BELOW: This guy was homeless and scary as hell. He made me promise to give him the glasses to keep if I took a pic. Of Course I wasn’t going to give them to him. Jake (first picture pink shirt) and I wrestled him to the ground and got them back off him. He started saying some heavy shit like he was going to bring a whole army of underground homeless to find me and kill me. Which would probably be all fine if I wasn’t starting to feel the acid HARD. I got the hell outta there.

BELOW: This lady was high-as-a-kite on crack in the middle of a busy street just off the beach trying to swat cars down with her tennis racquet. You can see it tucked under her arm. As I crossed the street she asked me for a light so I gave her one. While she lit up her cigarette I lay down on the road and snapped this shot of her. After I left she continued to swat at passing cars.

BELOW: This madman was in charge of the hostel that I stayed at. I sat down with him after the sun came up in the stairwell listening to stories about his 25 years in Venice Beach. I was also thankful that he didn’t call the cops on us after Jake (first pic pink shirt) actually threw a man down 15 stairs for trying to steal his gear from his room.


Falls Festival was insane.
First we (emma louise) played in Marion Bay a great little town east of Hobart. The air was hot and salty.
(first two photos taken of us by Tom Wearne)

Grabbed some mad food, NY style King Island steak burger and took off to Melbourne.
I’ve developed a fresh way of touring as a drummer, and that’s to call ahead to the venue/other bands and organise all the drum gear to be at the venue I’m playing. so I was carrying only a snare and drumsticks this time.

Arriving in Lorne was FRESH, up in the mountains the air was cold and dewy. I shot a roll of Velvia100 35mm film on new years eve, mainly of all the freaks that were kickin it which will be developed in the next week.

The single artist/band that boiled my noggin most was Kimbra. The whole lot of them playing on stage with her were fuckin nuts.

The last image is of Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner counting down to the new year. I took it on my phone, so please excuse its shitiness.

Malawi Gold

I traveled to Malawi in Eastern Africa in January this year. It was so astoundingly beautiful without even trying to be.
Easily my favourite country from my travels through Africa so far.

Nkhata Bay

Western Oz

I’m diggin western australia more and more every time i travel there.

Headed over recently with emma louise & gang for the final leg of our national tour.

smoked a roompa and rode a bike around Fremantle on a day off with my new film camera – Nikon FM2

South Africa

I spent some time in the Western Cape in January 2011. It’s easily one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve ever been.