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I’ve been floating around big-time this last month. I headed over to the USA with the Emma Louise crew to play drums
on her SXSW / L.A. tour. What an incredible journey that was … took me about 2 weeks to come down from that!
I worked with the amazing Holly Ryan again, this time to shoot her Zephyr Campaign. That was incredible. (photos coming soon)
I also got to shoot stills on set for a 3D short film colaboration between Holly Ryan and the INCREDIBLE director Stephen Lance.
I’ll post a heap more pictures from those shoots soon, but for now here’s a bunch of
photos from 2 rolls of film I had developed the other day.

Personal favourite is the stock standard Los Angeles CA. palm tree shot,
cause just when I was about to take it an LAPD chopper flew into the frame!

They’re all shot on a Nikon FM2.
Pics 1-4 are Kodak Portra VC.
Pics 5-8 are expired Agfa color.



Tin Can Radio.

I recently did a photoshoot for Tin Can Radio, a band from Brisbane Australia.
The whole vibe that they give off really reminds me of bands from the late eighties and early nineties – just that raw ‘here we are’ group of boys doin their thing, testosterone in the air which is a good thing! (so many fucking bands are so soft n safe these days walking around in boat shoes looking like they just got off the set of the OC). I tried to capture a bit of that loose poppin’ attitude with 2 main ideas.

1. Setup mobile studio paper wall w/ lights & pull the camera back to include everything in the shot.
2. Create a juxtaposition by smashing old televisions w/ sledgehammers on a cool fresh afternoon somewhere relaxing.

what do you think?


Holly Ryan.

Holly Ryan designs + hand makes epic Mens & Womens jewellery out of her studio in West End, Brisbane AUS.
check her page + decide what style her work is + order some amazing jewellery HERE.
Have a look and like her Facebook page HERE.
I will be collaborating with her soon, shooting her new collection in March. (I’m fucking excited!)

She recently invited me to her studio to chill n have a chat. she let me smoke cigarettes inside.
So I went and visited her the next day while she was making some earrings and took some photos.

You wouldn’t even believe how intricate and fine the little studs are…
each one is individually cut, filed, sanded, soldered, acid bathed,
H2O bathed, dried and then polished… all by hand.

camera = canon 5d mark ii.

Holly Ryan in studio 0Holly Ryan in studio 2Holly Ryan in studio 3Holly Ryan in studio 6Holly Ryan in studio 7Holly Ryan in studio 5Holly Ryan in studio 1Holly Ryan in studio 8Holly Ryan in studio 9

Wailin’ Kunzie.

Anyone who’s been to the corner of Albert+Elizabeth streets in Brisbane AUS knows this guy.

He can be found there daily kill-in-it on his acoustic, plugged into a small shotty old amp.

He plays wailing old blues and barely ever sings.

I always make sure I give him money even if he’s not playing cause I know that when he does it will blow my mind.

Film = Tmax 400
Camera = Nikon FM2

West Side Creatures.

West End in Brisbane has some of the most amazing street art in Australia / The World.

Sometimes you just have to dig a little to find it.

I took these on the only roll I’ve ever shot on a Diana F+ camera.

These were all taken in the same block. They will soon be GONE.

It is now a storage site for surrounding construction sites.