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Hiatus Kaiyote.

Last month I traveled across 2 deserts in central Australia co-producing & shooting
my first ever film clip for the song ‘Nakamarra’ by Hiatus Kaiyote.

The band, Si (fellow producer, band manager) and I all travelled together swimming in
oasis waterholes, writing off a hire van, camping under thousands of stars, eating camel burgers.
One of the raddest trips I’ve ever done for sure.

It just premiered on Tone Deaf this morning.

Let me know what y’all think. I’d love to hear some feedback.


Ice Cream Factory.

I have been shooting a few videos for different crews around Brisbane lately, cause I own a 5DmarkII and all.
I shot this one below for The Ice Cream Factory on their 1st birthday Cabaret Night which featured a SMORGASBORD of incredibly sexy performers.
The space that they have created is AMAZING. It’s situated in the old Peters Ice-Cream Factory in West End, Brisbane Australia. A sort of confined warehouse space that they have literally turned into a top-notch circus training facility. They built the floors and a whole mezzanine level. It has amazing artwork covering the walls, including pieces by Shida and Chali 2na (of jurassic 5).They have the whole place rigged to be able to have trapeze, tissu and whatever hell else they want to do from the roof (which has an amazing paint job by the way – as seen in the tin can radio pics) I took the white background Tin Can Radio shots there which you can see HERE.

Check their Facebook page HERE and like the hell out of them!

Mzungu Bambaataa.

I’m entering some printed images into an exhibition for the first time ever.

This Friday & Saturday at the Ice Cream Factory in West End, Brisbane.

There will be some shots from an earlier post Ill Manor featured, as well as images from Eastern and Southern Africa entitled Mzungu Bambaataa.

You can see a large nugget of the pictures I took in africa HERE on a tumblr I made to host them.

It was incredibly hard narrowing it down to just a few images…what are your thoughts on the ones I selected?