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A recent shoot I did styled by Annie Llewellyn & Harriot Sutherland featuring Witu bags and Soot swimwear.
Modeled by Georgie Burley.

Georgie Burley

Georgie Burley

Georgie Burley

Georgie Burley

Georgie Burley

Georgie Burley

Georgie Burley

Georgie Burley

Georgie Burley

Tea Tree Lakes.

One summer afternoon spent with Susie Myfanwy at Tea Tree Lakes in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

camera = zeiss ikon
film = kodak portra


I recently helped to shoot a clip for Hiatus Kaiyote, a neo soul future beats band from Melbourne Australia.
We shot it while traveling from Adelaide to Alice Springs (the quintessential ‘outback’).

Orion from The Native Press lent me his Mamiya rb67 medium format monster and I snapped
some pics in between video shooting sessions. Shooting 6×7 negatives is addictive.
once you go to that quality shooting 35mm is almost annoying.
(and here i am, the medium format converted show pony blabbing away!)

I’ll totally post the finished clip on here when it’s done.
I’ll also sort through the digital pics I took and post some of those
(hopefully before the years out)

Film = Kodak Portra 160.
Camera = Mamiya rb67

Nai & Jay J
Nai Palm
Nai Palm
Nai Palm
Jay J


I recently acquired a Mamiya rb67 medium format camera. It’s pretty epic / hard to shoot really quickly because of how much shit is involved in taking one picture (pull out this film curtain, cock the mirror, blah blah blah). BUT IT’S WORTH IT. My goodness I got the films back and I just about pooped all over my lounge room. The film used in these photos is Kodak Portra 400.

I expect to be taking a lot of photographs on this camera including shoots I have coming up.

p.s. check out my TUMBLR , I’ve been spending a lot of time over there lately instead of here (naughty).

Suz + Tess

Suz + Tess

Jessica Layla Powell-Thomas.

When I went to London for the month of May, I slip streamed behind this amazing woman.
General life, food, drinking, people, gigs & really good weed included. We grew up together
in a small tropical town called Cairns in Australia before eventually living together in the big
city of Brisbane. We hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in over 2 years but sure enough as
soon as we met up in Brighton, it was just like we never parted. Absolutely exploding everyday.

I think I got lucky while I was in London weather wise. 90% of the time it was hot & scrumptious.
People were tripping balls about the heat, laying out in parks drinking beers and wine, eating ok food.
I’ve definitely never appreciated green grass, hot sun, cider and a massive joint like I did in London.

camera: nikon fm2
film: kodak gold 400

Jessica Powell-Thomas
Jessica Powell-Thomas
Jessica Powell-Thomas


This is a creature living in Sydney by the name of Liana (aka Labanna)


check her out.
she knows her shit + does fun stuff.


Taken in Hobart, AUS just before Falls Festival 2011.
The city turned on crazy perfect weather.
Some were taken at Mona,
the amazing Art Gallery.

film = Ektachrome
camera = Nikon FM2

Mother / Daughter.

Christmas Day 2011.

Mother Kate Reardon-Smith.

Daughter Mardi Reardon-Smith.
Aggie the Cat & New Young Bull.

Film = Illford Delta 3200

Camera = Nikon FM2

Island Vibe in E-6

Took some shots on slide film at Island Vibe festival on stradbroke island. I used Sensia200 and Provia100F. Everyone was super sunburnt and having a great time. I’ve never actually seen as many totally naked people in one place at any one time before either. I briefly met Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 and smoked copious amounts of spliffs while poppin in n out of musical pockets.

The best musical find from the festival was a band called Electric Wire Hustle.
A trio from New Zealand. They play Future Soul music.
I ended up dropping them off to the airport the day after their show for their flight back home.

Malawi Gold

I traveled to Malawi in Eastern Africa in January this year. It was so astoundingly beautiful without even trying to be.
Easily my favourite country from my travels through Africa so far.

Nkhata Bay