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Jessica Layla Powell-Thomas.

When I went to London for the month of May, I slip streamed behind this amazing woman.
General life, food, drinking, people, gigs & really good weed included. We grew up together
in a small tropical town called Cairns in Australia before eventually living together in the big
city of Brisbane. We hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in over 2 years but sure enough as
soon as we met up in Brighton, it was just like we never parted. Absolutely exploding everyday.

I think I got lucky while I was in London weather wise. 90% of the time it was hot & scrumptious.
People were tripping balls about the heat, laying out in parks drinking beers and wine, eating ok food.
I’ve definitely never appreciated green grass, hot sun, cider and a massive joint like I did in London.

camera: nikon fm2
film: kodak gold 400

Jessica Powell-Thomas
Jessica Powell-Thomas
Jessica Powell-Thomas